Do you know the 5 keys to hanging your Metal Painting?

Do you know the 5 keys to hanging your Metal Painting ?

1. Take everything you need :

These hooks are specifically designed to support our metal pictures . You can find them in hardware stores or decoration stores. But don't worry, Klaroskuro includes it in your order, FREE.
    • Pencil:

It will be useful to mark the position where you will hang the painting .
    • Level:

It will help you make sure the frame is properly placed and level.

2. Choose where to put it:

    • Venue selection:

Decide where you want your painting to be hung. Think about height and location on the wall.
    • Mark with pencil:

Mark with the pencil the height and position you have decided. You can measure from the ground or from another reference point.

3. Attach the hooks to hang easily:

Place the hook in the position marked with the pencil.

4. Hang your metal painting :

    • Place the box :

Hang the picture and adjust it to make sure it is level and positioned the way you want.
      • Final leveling:

    Use the level to verify that the painting is perfectly level. If necessary, adjust its position.

    5. Final review:

    Make sure the painting is securely attached to the easy hangers and is completely level. Make final adjustments if necessary.
    With these 5 simple steps we assure you that you will hang your Klaroskuro metal painting in less than five minutes. It's amazing!
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