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As the newspaper www.lavanguardia.com announced. It looks like, Sergio Ramos He has other concerns apart from football. The former Real Madrid and PSG player, and his wife, Pilar Rubio , they are two passionate about art . On social networks, the couple often brags about their visits to different prestigious museums in the plastic arts, but it seems that visiting them is not enough. In addition to having great works of art within the walls of his house, it seems that the player also dares with his own creations.

Although it is known that Ramos is a great lover of art , it seems that he also likes to create it. Socialite ensures that the Hobbie The footballer's secret is painting, and Ramos could have been the competition of the great painters if he had been born a few decades ago. The footballer only shows his creations on rare occasions, but the María Patiño program team has discovered where all his works of art are located.

Instagram Sergio Ramos Art

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Is it possible that any painting on our website is by Sergio Ramos ?

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Could this be his creation?

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